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Locate Canada's top travel professionals: Certified Travel Counsellors and Certified Travel Managers.

Certified Travel Counsellors and Certified Travel Managers have gone the extra distance by acquiring the top travel industry designations in Canada: CTC or CTM. They have proven experience in the travel industry, expertise in travel counselling , and they have passed the requirements of a certification program, based on nationally recognized standards for the occupation of travel counsellor..

What does it mean to you, the traveller,
to deal with a Certified Travel Counsellor?

Search Option 1: To locate a Certified Travel Professional in your area, please type in one or more fields to narrow down the search. This could be your province or your city for example.

  • If you wish to locate a Certified Travel Professional in your postal code, then just use the postal code search field.

  • If you wish to search within a certain kilometer radius of your home, then use the Postal Code field only, and use the search drop box to indicate the number of kilometers you would like included in the search.

  • You can also search for a specific travel professional if you know the correct spelling of the first name or last name, or if you know the full name of the travel agency.

Search Option 2: To search for a specialist in a specific area of travel (Adventure, cruise, Africa, Golf, spa etc),

  • Clear all the areas in the Option 1 section.

  • Click on any ONE category in the Option 2 section. You will find a list of all the certified professionals in that specialty area. (Please note that at the present time, Section 2 is only able to accept ONE search criteria).

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Destination Specialties

Australia Specialist
Africa Specialist
Asia Specialist
Canada Specialist
Caribbean Specialist
Europe Specialist
Mexico Specialist
South America Specialist
South Pacific Specialist
USA Specialist

Lifestyle Specialties

Accessible Travel Specialist
Adventure Travel Specialist
Gay and Lesbian Travel Specialist
Golf Travel Specialist
Honeymoon and Wedding Travel Specialist
Spa Travel Specialist
Luxury Travel Specialist

Other Specialities

Green Travel Professional
Disney Specialist
Sandals Resort Specialist
Cruise Specialist
Cats Trek Specialist

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