A group is defined as 5 or more candidates from the same agency address, who are writing the Travel Counsellor Exam in the same location at the same time. If you have a large number of staff who will be writing in different locations/venues, then you must register them as separate groups. For example, ABC Travel 1 may be writing in London, ABC Travel 2 may be writing in Sudbury, ABC Travel 3 may be writing in Kingston at 10:00 AM and ABC Travel 4 may be writing in Kingston at 1:00 PM.

Please note that candidates who wish to write the Combined or the Supervisor/Manager examinations must register under Individual Registration.

Note: If you wish to register part of the group for the English version of the TICO Exam, and part of the group for the French version, then you must treat each language grouping as a separate registration, and use the registration form that corresponds to the desired language version.

Please note that TICO Exam Registrations must be received by TICO at least 14 days prior to your chosen exam date.

Information Common to All Members of Group
Registration Date: October 22, 2018
Group Name:
Agency TICO Registration Number:
*Postal Code: (Format: M1P 2K3 or 02201)
*Contact Name: (First and Last)
*Contact Telephone: (Numeric Only with Area Code, do not use hyphens or spaces)
*Contact Email:
Exam Fee
Travel Counsellor Exam Fee $35.00
Group Exam Information
You may enter this information at a later date. If you choose to submit the form now without the proctor information and exam information, please note that you will be brought directly to the payment page. You will need your Unique TICO Exam Registration Number to return to this page. This number can be found upon completion of the payment option page.
Exam Date: 1
Exam Time:
Group Exam Location/Address: 2
Group Exam City:
Group Exam Province:

1 For information on Rescheduling / Cancellations and No Shows, please click here.

2 Please note that if you are writing in an agency or office, the Proctor must be able to see all the exam candidates writing at that location. If some candidates are hidden in cubicles or around corners, then more than one Proctor may be necessary. Also note that no papers, files or books are allowed to be on the desk(s) used to write the exam, so please plan accordingly.

Group Proctor Information
Click here to read about guidelines for eligible proctors
(Note: TICO will contact the proctors to ensure that they understand their responsibilities contained in the Proctor Guide)
Proctor Name:
Postal Code: (Format: M1P 2K3 or 02201)
Telephone: (Numeric Only with Area Code, do not use hyphens or spaces)
Email Address:
Privacy Considerations: Before you submit your registration form, please note the following points:
  • TICO is required to submit basic identification information to Assessment Strategies Inc. (ASI), the testing company that facilitates the exam, to allow them to assign a registration number to the candidate.
  • TICO will only release exam results to the person who wrote the exam. TICO requires written consent from an exam candidate in order to release exam information to a third party such as a supervisor or manager or trainer.
  • TICO will only send exam results to a third party if written permission from the exam candidate is received at the time the candidate registers for the exam process. If you want your results sent to a third party, please complete the Third Party Authorization Form.
  • Please note that the Third Party Authorization Form must be submitted (or re-submitted) each time you register to write (or re-write) the exam.
  • For more information on how TICO manages personal information and safeguards privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

I understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.


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